Strength & Conditioning

It’s no secret that the most effective method of gaining muscle is through strength training.

Strength Training For You…

How you use strength training is up to you. You can train to pack on a lot more muscle and maintain definition. You can use it to improve explosive force for certain motions, you may have a holiday or wedding planned in the future and wish to get in the best possible shape you can for that event.


You may want to do all three, or  you may play sport at the weekend like golf and desperately want to put a few extra yards on to your tee shots (or want some extra power to help you get out of the thick rough) or a tennis player trying to improve his upper body strength to improve a weak serve.

Strength Training is Always Beneficial

You may be saying I don’t want any of those things. But even just spending 4-6 weeks developing a strength training base has plenty of benefits;

  • Strengthens your muscles, joints, ligaments, tendons, bones.
  • Helps you become familiar with performing basic strength exercises using optimal form to prevent training related injury.
  • Improves your body awareness and the ability of your brain to better utilize your muscles.
  • Increases your metabolic engine by adding muscle. Remember, muscle is metabolically active tissue and more muscle means you burn more energy both while you train and while you sleep.
  • Last but not the least; strength training is also an excellent way to recover from an injury. Once you understand the mechanics, you can slowly start loading the injured/recovering body part until it regains full strength. This will also help prevent the injury from recurring.

Gym Dumbells L18 PT 600x400

L18 Personal training can tailor a strength programme for your goals what ever they may be.

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