Fat Loss & Toning

Fat loss requires hard work and consistency, that consistency involves not just how often you exercise, but also the food choices you make. Fat loss is almost always associated with appearance; just look magazines, books, TV adverts for proof of that.

It’s no surprise, because a lean, athletic looking body is something almost everybody wants. It helps us look better both in and out of your clothes. But what about the improved health and performance benefits of loosing fat and having a lean body.

Lose the belly with L18 PT Letterbox

Lose the belly…

When people come to me for help I show them the multitude of health and performance benefits of that a fat loss plan can give them:

  • Better sport performance

    An effective fat loss programme can help you run faster and jump higher.

  • Improved Strength

    In short the less excess body weight, your carrying around, the more weight and reps you can hammer out in the gym and continue to build muscle and increase strength.

  • Increased Energy

    As I have highlighted above carrying around more body fat makes you work harder both in sport and in life. Therefore the more extra fat you carry, the quicker you will get tired and have less energy.

  • Healthier Joints

    Loosing body fat may also help to minimize the risk of putting unneeded stress on the joints. It is clear that carrying extra body fat can turn other wise healthy activity and exercise into activity that overloads the joints beyond their capacity and place one at a higher risk of injury.

  • Healthier Weight

    In this day and age you don’t have to be a cardiologist to know that extra fat, (Being Overweight) can place more stress on your heart and put you at great risk of dealing with health issues such as diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and increased risk of having a heart attack. I will help you maintain a healthy weight with good honest scientific backed nutrition advice and workout programmes designed for you, which will help lead you to having improved heart health, lower blood pressure, and lower risk of heart attack. In other words, loosing excess body fat results in not just a body that looks good on the outside, but most importantly one that is also healthier on the inside.

  • Better Sleep

    Sleep is the way our bodies rest and recover. and in the addition to elevating mood and reducing stress, research has documented the benefits of exercise to improving sleep patterns.

A Bit About Toning

When I hear females talk about toning ones who are new to fitness I often hear the phrase” I don’t want to get to bulky”. Ladies you have a significantly less natural testosterone, than men, so let me speak to ladies that are reading this who want get the toned body look. There has been a massive misconception regarding strength training and females using weights. L18 Personal Training will show how you can use the strength training to sculpt and craft the body you want.

Ladies Still Need Muscle…

When you talk about toning, enhancing or shaping certain areas of your body, what you’re really talking about is muscle. Muscle creates the shape of your body, and therefore more muscle means more muscle tone, you can’t build a perkier, rounder or streamlined anything without building muscle.

Ladies Training with Weights 600x400

Surprisingly, weight training burns lots of calories…

Building Muscle Burns Fat…

When you come to me I will show you the best way possible to get the toned look that you are looking for, from body weight exercises to using dumb bells and barbell exercises in your training programmes. We will tone the areas of your body with a wide range of exercises.

Muscle is a metabolically active tissue, meaning it burns fat. Put simply, more muscle means a faster metabolism.

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