Happy Testimonials

Will from Wavertree

“Before I started working with Richard, I was struggling with technique and gaining muscle mass. Rich took me through a strength based program and took the time to teach me all the essentials to achieving my goals. He was very specific about proper technique and went out of his way to ensure I had good form. He is also easy to get along with and is happy to give helpful advice to anyone who needs it. I now feel stronger, bigger and more knowledgeable. I definitely recommend Rich for anyone wanting to gain muscle mass, improving strength and making the gym a more comfortable experience.”

Elaine from Liverpool

“I started my fitness journey on my own, and whilst I had good progress with weight loss and general fitness. I wanted to get toned but was apprehensive about using weights with the fear of getting bulky, so my muscle development was on the slow side not full knowing what to do. Richard put my fears at ease and explained and showed to me about how strength training and how using weights could be used in a way to help my self get the toned body I wanted. Since training with Rich not only has my strength sky rocketed, I have never looked or felt better, but my knowledge on training and fitness has doubled. One trait that makes Rich a great trainer is that he is constantly researching and learning new things which he then brings to the session.”

Thomas Moglione from Mossley Hill, Liverpool

“I started sessions with Rich at a basic level, having next to no knowledge of techniques or strength training in general. With his help, I’ve been able to learn an incredible amount about both technique and the proper diet to ensure you see the best progress possible. In little over a month I’ve become much more confident and passionate. Rich goes above and beyond to see you get the most out of every training session, updating your personal regime every week to always keep you progressing. “

Jodie from Aigburth

“Rich is a very knowledgeable PT, especially when it comes to strength training and gaining lean muscle. I was recommended to Rich by a friend, I had no idea where to start or what to do, wanting to lose weight and gain lean muscle to tone up.  Rich has been working one on one with me for 3 months now, giving me great tips and thoroughly showing me how to achieve the best results. Within that time of working with him I have lost 8 kg or 17.6 Ibs of body fat and am now the happiest, leanest, strongest and fittest I have ever been.  Also anybody who knows Rich will know he eats sleeps, reads and anything fitness and health related. But also tells you when he does not understand an issue. Before I started working with Rich, I had an injury to my back, which he had an idea about when I explained to him. But he was not really sure what could be causing the pain and didn’t want to give me any advice, other then tell me to go and see physiotherapist who was qualified to deal with that area of expertise. He told me he was only confident enough to tell and show me how to get fitter and advise me on my diet, which I cant fault 10/10. “

Personal Training with Richard Foster