Are Nutribullets Worth the Hype?

nutribullets smoothie maker

There seems to be a new craze hitting the mainstream every week these days but is the Nutribullet an exception? It’s a sleek, food blending little gadget that helps make most digestable foods into a nutritious smoothie. Kale, carrots, hard nuts and god knows what else can be whizzed up and digested in the form of liquid refreshment. Fruits tend to work better (in terms of taste in these contraptions) especially mango, banana and less ‘bitty’ fruits.

The famous Nutribullet - no buttons and minimal washing up

The famous Nutribullet – no buttons and minimal washing up

There’s an article posted on the Guardian’s website reviewing the glorified food blender.

My thoughts on these fads comprise mainly around common sense. If you put junk into your body, the output is usually junk too. Put in the good stuff and you get good results. Just by simply buying a Nutribullet or similar ain’t going to do anything unless you exercise accordingly as part of a balanced training plan.

I can imagine there are thousands of folk clicking through and ordering a Nutribullet and fair play, they’d be making a good investment and giving themselves the tools to make a healthy snacky-type drink, but I’d ask what else are they doing to stay lean, healthy and fit.

Drinking vegetable or fruit based sludge doesn’t get the heart going, burn fat or tone a tummy. Don’t get me wrong it’s a good start but you’ve got to be realistic about these things.

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